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Teach English In China!!

Guangdong, China
21/06/17 5:43
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Job Type:
Full Time
$12000.00 per month
Start Date:
August 25th 2017
We are a CT Recruitment, a specialised agency for young individuals wishing to complete a paid gap year in China! We are looking for outgoing individuals who love to travel and who wish to experience different culture and lifestyles from around the world. Why teach in China? China has a forever growing population with a significant amount wanting to learn English whilst learning more about the western culture. Teaching in China allows many young professionals to take a year away from their studies, to travel and to experience a new and exciting part of the world. Why China? China is full of surpises with 1.4 billion people that all live in the same time zone! In China, you will find many delicious cusines, amazing scenery, bussling cities and so much more! At CT recruitment, we only provide teaching jobs in the highest tier cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou to name a few). We ensure that you have your home comforts such as western bathrooms and food whilst living among like minded expats that seek the culture of China whilst living a full western lifestyle. From beach days to hiking in the forest, you'll find an endless list of things to do here and the best thing about teaching is that you will have plenty of paid holidays to get out and explore!! What do we do? We are not just any old recruitment agency. With our team of experts being originaly recruited from the UK via other recruitment agency, we learnt the hard way as our first 6 months were extremely tough as we didn't know where to live, how to get about the city, where to visit, what to eat and how not to get ripped off by local food stores! Our services provide you with a full inclusicve experience with picks up from the airport, help with housing (to ensure that you have your home comforts!), training if you have never taught before and a welcome package with information about your city, where to visit, tips on transport and a basic language guide to help you settle into your placement. The duration of your placement will be for one year, with constant support from our team during the first six months (or until you are ready to do it alone!) We can help you with booking holidays if you wish to travel, we can book tickets to theme parks/zoos/theatres etc and we can even order a pizza for delivery for those nights in with your new expat friends! What are the minimun requirements? For primary and secondary schools, a degree in any field is a must along with a TEFL which we provide. For beginners, a teaching salary is around 10,000rmb to 13,000rmb depending on your degree and TEFL result. For students who are currently taking a year out from their universities, you also may apply with the understanding that most schools require a degree, however, for those who are energetic and outgoing, you may be considered for a kindergarten or early learning centers. A Non-degree holders wage is lower until a degree is complete (should you wish to return after the completion of your degree). How to apply? Please send us your CV to arrange a Skype interview so that we can discuss your options. We want to speak with you about your experiences, hobbies and lifetyles to ensure that you are placed within a city that would match your current lifestyle and to help you to find like minded expats! Once we have spoken over Skype (15-20mins of your time), we will send you 2-5 job oppurtunities that we feel will suit you. If a job interets you, simply send us a cover letter as to why you would like this job (we can also help you with this). For more information please contact us via email with your CV [email protected] CT Recruitment Team Shenzhen, China

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