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sales agent

15/02/18 20:56
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Part Time

 We strive to let our commission-only agents, be as creative as possible, therefore you will be working according to your schedule and you will be talking about things that you will want to talk about. The work is commission-only, which means that you will make money only by making sales happen. However, we only work with companies that eligible for these tasks and your commissions will be higher than anywhere else. In case you have experience in the field, your commissions will be relatively higher, as well as bonuses. Experience and certifications There is literally, no experience required. Since you will need to make phone calls, you need to have decent English language skills and decent voice to make that happen. Besides that, we require you to have calling capabilities to call English-speaking countries. We might consider refunding calling costs. 


 • Schedule according to you 
 • high-end sales training 
 • higher commissions than most places in the industry 
 • in-house software to ease your work 
 • opportunity to get into bussines to bussines sales field with no experience 
 • Bonuses will be added as percentage to your commission base depending on wait time, deal worth and other factors

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