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Language Center Academic Manager

Guangdong, China
18/06/19 4:31
0 Applications
Job Type:
Full Time
$16000.00 per month
Start Date:
To Apply visit this link: http://cips.io/72291a Academic Manager Duties A's China Region Administrative Responsibilities 1. Hold weekly meetings. Communicate with Chinese management regarding information that should be imparted to teaching staf f. 2. Collect, proofread and distribute CCs, student evaluations and repo rt cards. 3. Check monthly clock-in ca rds and submit to payroll. 4. Monthly absentee cards and submit to payroll. 5. Ensure that classrooms and school are dec orated. 6. Conducting teacher's evaluat ions (monthly and perform ance) 7. Assist in sourcing teachers in local circles Academic Responsibilities 1. Upholding the school's academic s tandards. 2. Holding teacher's meetings for improving school operat ion and increasing communication betwee n teachers and management. 3. Substitute teachin g whenever necessary. 4. Design tests for students when necess ary. 5. Doing classroom rounds and making sure all teachers are following the curriculum to en

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