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Branch Credit Manager

Maharashtra, India
02/11/17 6:18
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Job Type:
Full Time
$15000.00 per month

1. Evaluating credit proposals covering financial, business and industrial risk & decisioning of the loan.

2. Verifying the promoters track record & ascertaining their credit worthiness.

3. Analysis of the financial statements of the prospective customer to identify the short term & long term solvency & liquidity position.

4. To ensure Bounce Rate and Delinquency are within acceptable standards.

5. Monitor and enforce approval rate and TAT as per prescribed standards.

6. Monitor and ensure that monthly Branch audit score is satisfactory.

7. Vendor Management.

8. To conduct customer meeting to evaluate credit proposal.

9. PDD Tracking and closure

10. Compliance to repayment instrument replenishment to ensure regular repayment of EMI

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