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Creating Opportunities

With many countries steadily positioning itself as the labor market for the 21st century employer and growing to become the place of choice for employers looking for employees with uncommon creative experience and work potential, it is important that employers and prospective employees have a platform that can help create the atmosphere for right hire opportunities.

This is what we provide at FreeJobPosting.Jobs ....

A job board where employers can freely post their jobs and find employees that match their job description requirements. We ensure that employers are provided access to top talents who can deliver results and meet – or even exceed their labor expectations.

Find Talent That Meets Your Standards of Quality

Finding exceptional labor quality should not give you sleepless nights…

Take advantage of our free job posting platform and gain access to India’s labor market at no cost

When you put your job advert on the Free Job Posting platform, you earn an assurance that it will be viewed by the kind of employees that your organization needs. Our job board is open to employers from all industries. We cater to a diverse and dynamic audience and whatever your needs are in term of labor quality or labor quantity, Free Job Posting will help you find it – on time and at ZERO expense.

We Meet EVERY Need

From local and international employers, business owners and recruiters looking to hire the best crop of talent in India to job seekers and experienced hires in India’s Labor market looking for rewarding jobs within and outside India, we have created a job posting/ job search platform to meet every need.

Free Job Posting is the premium job board in India for any organization looking to make quality hires in India. Our platform is trusted by thousands of job seekers in India and we have made a name for ourselves as the job search engine of choice for recruiters, employers and employees.

Local Potential, International Standards

Our platform connects employers to the best hires in India – employees that with high market attractiveness and high global competitiveness to deliver strong performance and excellent results.


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Job Posting Guidelines

We @ Axpert Jobs want employers to grow their business by simplifying the process of selecting and hiring talented Job Seekers as Employees. This is why we @ Axpert Jobs request all employers, job agencies, consultancies, Human Resource (HR's) and recruiters to follow the guidelines below so that the Job Seeker can find the job requirement to be real and meaningful opportunity to improve his/her career.

Free Job Posting – Reach wider audience with lesser expenses

Now-a-days people over the world prefer jobs over family businesses. The reason behind this is fixed lucrative salaries, which is possible only in fixed salary oriented, job marketplace, since earning from most of the businesses is very fluctuating.

Make Job Postings more Effective

Have you ever come across employments that did not have enough insights with respect to the job details or obligations? What about those position that lack what you will be doing when coming abroad?

Free Job Posting Vs Paid Job Posting

There are two types of job postings that companies usually follow to fill their vacancies time to time; the first of is free job posting and second one is paid job postings.

Is your CV /Resume / Profile Selling YOU Enough?

Have you ever wondered why you are getting few callbacks despite the fact that you have sent out literally thousands of CV via email and dropped even more in mailboxes?